Put on Your Easter Bonnet

Champagne truffles inside an Easter Egg!
I've quickly learned that Easter in the UK is all about the chocolate eggs...
And if you're looking to give someone an extra fancy "adult" (not in that way!) Easter Egg, Charbonnel et Walker offers some fabulous milk chocolate eggs with to die for truffles in the middle. And look at how gorgeously wrapped they are!

Traditional milk chocolate truffles inside of an egg.

Sea salt caramel truffles inside a chocolate egg.
I'm not a huge fan of Easter eggs, simply because I'm not a huge fan of chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. BUT, truffles....you're speaking my language! 

Charbonnel et Walker was nice enough to send me the sea salt caramel truffles to try and they are TO DIE for.  Perfect for a grown up, sophisticated Easter egg. 

If you're looking for a creative hamper for a child, Marks and Spencer has the perfect Percy Pig treat.

Add some easily delivered flowers from BrightBunch

And you're all set! You'll just have to figure out what to wear....and I've drummed up some truly festive ideas:

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  1. Those flowers are GORGEOUS - beautiful pictures! I'm a huge truffle fan too, the Charbonnel et Walker sounds lush.



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