5 Shows You Should Be Streaming This Spring and Summer

When I was growing up, autumn was the time of the year when all of the new shows came back. However, the Internet, and particularly streaming services, have totally revolutionized and changed that. Now, shows premiere whenever they dang well please. And, not having a TV license doesn't necessarily get in the way of things (though you do have to buy episodes of some television shows that still broadcast the old fashioned way).

Below are 5 streaming shows I'm digging this season, including those I'm looking forward to.

1. 3%

If you're from Brazil or Portugal, you've probably already seen this and are wondering why us English speakers are so late to the party. This dystopian Netflix series seems to have just gotten its English translation (you can choose between subtitles and dubbing, the latter of which I find annoying af), and you're in for a ride.

In the series, we follow four main characters in a dystopian world where society has crumbled. There is now a distinct difference between the "haves" and "have nots," and those who are deemed worthy are allowed to make a life for themselves in a paradise known as The Offshore. Each individual goes through a series of rigorous tests when they are 20, known as The Process, to see if they are part of the elite 3% worthy enough to live on the Offshore. 

2. 13 Reasons Why

I will say from the beginning that this show has gotten a lot of flack for its portrayal of teen suicide. Although it has been accused of glamorizing it, I honestly think that's further from the truth. When I was young, a good friend of mine committed suicide, and I've found the reactions of the characters to be very honest and realistic, though it is painful to watch sometimes. I grew up in the Bay Area in California, and in high school and college, there was a string of teen suicides. The show is shot near my hometown, and I don't know if that's a coincidence or not, but it does add a little bit of an extra feeling of uneasiness for me, but somewhat of a realistic element. 

The second season debuted May 18, but was originally released in 2017. The show follows the life and death of high school student Hannah Baker and the 13 reasons why she eventually killed herself. Based on the book by Jay Asher, the first season follows it pretty closely. The second season, however, goes off the script and digs further into the back story. 

3. The Handmaid's Tale

This is streaming on Hulu, but is also available on Channel 4 for UK residents (though is a few episodes behind). The Handmaid's Tale follows Margaret Atwood's classic about a young woman swept up in dystopian America. In the new reality of the country, Christianity has become the ruling religion once again, though it is almost as though the Taliban have come to re-enforce it. After a disease that made most women infertile swept through the country, women that have been able to have children in the past are made "handmaids," or women that bear children for wealthy but infertile couples. 

Like 13 Reasons Why, the first season follows the book fairly literally. However, the second season, which is currently airing, goes off on its own tangent. The producers have stated that they have ensured that everything is rooted in realism and what America could become, which is partially what makes this show so chilling. Definitely not a light watch, but pretty thought provoking indeed.

4. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

I'm sure you've already heard of this show and its ridiculousness, but if you haven't, now's the time to stream it. It's a light and "random" show about a pretty serious subject: a former kidnapping victim navigating the big bad world of New York City after her escape. As she's been held captive for so long, Kimmy often misses cultural references and hasn't necessarily matured past her teen years, when she was originally abducted. Although it doesn't sound like a light and airy comedy, it actually is without being totally disrespectful to the people this has happened to. The next season premieres in a few days, and I'm looking forward to it.

5. The Rain

I'm cheating a bit here because I haven't actually sat down to watch this one, but I'm looking forward to it. It is a Danish series about a virus, carried by the rain, that has wiped out most of the world and those left to navigate it. It came out (or at least the English subtitled version) on May 4th on Netflix, and has been available to stream since then. I'm looking forward to it!

Honorable mention: Orange is the New Black. I am looking forward to the next chapter of the series, but I thought mentioning 13 Reasons Why, Handmaid's Tale AND Orange is the New Black would kind of just scream "BASIC." Instead, I'd like to focus on content people might not have seen yet. 

What are you looking forward to watching this summer/what are you watching?

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