I'm an American living in the UK. I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California (yes, I know!) but have been living in Milton Keynes (just north of London) with my boyfriend, Luke, for the past four years.

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2015 My So-Called Chaos Best of Blog Awards


 What kind of camera do you use? 

Where are you from?
Originally from California, but living in the UK at the moment. I have also lived in Holland and very briefly in Hungary and France. 

Why do you live in the UK?
I came for a PhD in History, stayed because I fell in love. 

I have a question, can I email you?

Why is your blog called Anna in Wonderland?
Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my very favorite stories as long as I can remember. I was even Alice for Halloween when I was seven. It has a special place in my heart and I collect Alice memorabilia.

Why is a Victorian key your symbol?
The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland are two of my absolute favorite stories and two books I grew up reading. They both predominately feature keys in their stories and it is a really simple design, which is why I felt it was perfect for my blog.

How old are you?
Probably older than you think, which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing. Basically in my early 30s.

Didn't this blog go on hiatus for a while? What happened?
Lots of things. I will address it with a blog post. 
Wall art of The Secret Garden/Alice in Wonderland

Luke and myself

Luke and me


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