5 Tips to Help You Motivate Yourself to Workout After a Long Absence

After a three year-ish hiatus due to my intense IC pain, I have finally started regular workouts at the gym again. It's not particularly easy, but I'm in there as often as possible to get my body moving. And after a long hiatus on my blog as well, I give you 5 ways to motivate yourself after you've been away from the gym.

1. Do Something You Like

This sounds like a no-brainer, but it seems as though many people mistake exercising with a chore they really hate. If you hate what you're doing, you're doing the wrong thing and you won't stick with it. Instead, find ways to exercise by doing something you enjoy. This can include yoga classes, karate, tennis, dance classes, or even just taking long walks around your neighborhood.

2. Buy Cute Workout Clothes

I'm not even exaggerating when I say that this has really helped motivate me. I even have some workout wear reviews I'm aiming to share with you in the next few weeks. If you buy some gym outfits that make you look super cute, you'll definitely want to wear them again not let them go to waste in your drawers or the back of your closet.

3. Don't Use Workouts as a Way to Punish Yourself

While having fitness goals is totally fine, don't use the gym as a way to do penance for something you ate. Instead, focus on having fun, helping calm anxiety and simply getting your body moving.

4. Be Gentle with Yourself

Often after a hiatus, we think we can go to the gym and be instantaneously back to where we were before, even if we know intellectually that's not likely. Instead, start slow and build up.

5. Exercise Like No One Else is Watching--Because They Probably Aren't

Many people feel self-conscious about working out in public because they are worried about what other people are thinking. To be fair, most people aren't thinking about you if you're exercising in a communal space, unless you're doing something to bring attention to yourself like banging on the machines. (There is a man who does this at my gym, and I definitely look at him when he does it...but it has nothing to do with his appearance.) Do an experiment and ask yourself when you're working out, how often are you judging the other people at the gym? Typically, you'll find you aren't, unless you make a habit out of watching strangers. Most of us are far too busy thinking about ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed this little workout tidbit, and I look forward to writing more blog posts in the near future.

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  1. These are all good points. I happen to live just around the corner from a Gym. Unfortunately, last I heard they didn't offer Pilates (which is my exercise of choice) which would be typical, lol!

    I'll have to go looking around so I can find somewhere to go over the Sthn Hemisphere Winter/Spring.

  2. Nice. Glad you’re feeling workout-ready again, and thanks for the tips! I need to get moving... ��


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