Behind the Blog--Life Update and 2018 Goals

Since I haven't posted in a couple of months (save my most recent post), I thought I'd update everyone on my life in the past few months and where I've been and where I see my blog going.

Firstly, I haven't updated as much because I've been having issues with my interstitial cystitis, which has actually and miraculously gotten much better. I was doing really, really well over the summer, and then things seemed to decline in the fall and the run up to Christmas.

I opted to see another specialist, who then wanted to do surgery on me again. It was a surgery I'd had before, but last time I had it, the pain was excruciating. I woke up in the recovery room pretty much crying in pain and being given some serious pain killers that barely took the edge off. Needless to say, I wasn't exciting about a round two.

However, the specialist decided to give me some new medication to try out until he could schedule surgery, and oh my god, how this medicine has worked! I am so thankful. For at least a week before the surgery I was almost pain free.

I then had the surgery at the beginning of this month. Again, miracle of miracles, I woke up in barely any pain. Like, 1/10th of what I felt before. Obviously, it didn't feel good but it wasn't as bad as before, and I even left the hospital without being given opiates like I the time before.

Since then, things have slowly gotten better. Because I have lupus SLE, I anticipated a slower recovery, and it did take me a week to get rid of the annoying "scratchy" sensation in my bladder and a few days to get the air they pump into you out of my system. That wasn't particularly comfortable either, but sometimes that seemed to hurt worse than my actual bladder.

After making a recovery from the surgery, I am feeling like a new woman, and for the past couple of weeks have been virtually pain free. Some days I can still feel a bit of pressure or an annoyance, but it isn't anything that necessarily stops me from doing things. To be honest, after three years of continuous and unending pain you have to work through to make a living and move on with life, it feels a bit weird not to have it. It's like your body is missing something....but I'm definitely not complaining about not having it, it's just like, "Wait, isn't this supposed to hurt right now?"

I'm now so much more excited about the future and making plans and have been incredibly productive in all aspects except my blog or writing my current book. Oops. But I feel as I have more adventures and do more things, I'll be blogging even more, so stay tuned! I already have some content lined up and hope there will be even more.

As far as goals in 2018, I am not a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions because I often feel they are unachievable. However, I've set myself some goals I feel as though are not unrealistic, but would like to achieve.

1) Read 40 books. I read 35 in 2017 with a goal of 30, so I'm upping the ante. Thus far, I'm on book number 5, though it could be 6 by the time this post goes up.

2) Lose weight. I know a lot of people aren't fans of hearing about weight loss, and I fully respect that. However, I did gain some weight being sedentary and going to comfort foods when I'm sad or bored. So I'm looking to lose it and be a little more healthy.

3) Exercise more. Even just walking around the neighborhood more often is a good start. When the pain was intense or not predictable, an exercise schedule was impossible to keep, so I'm hoping that as long as the pain stays away, I can start one up again.

4) Blog more.

5) Be more patient with myself and be proud of the things I have achieved while I haven't felt well. I mean, I've done a lot for someone who has lived with so much pain. After the terrible year I had in 2017 and all of the self-doubt that came with the harassment I received re: my court case and Internet trolls and a couple of obsessive individuals, I feel as though I deserve to heal and recognize my achievements. I don't need to feel embarrassed about having to live with pain, as I often did due to unkind words I received almost daily from September of 2016 through to the end of the summer when it finally died down.

6) Finish my book and start some queries and begin queries for my other finished book. Since they are two incredibly different genres, I can't combine the queries.

How about yourself? What are you looking forward to in 2018?

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