Pink Parcel Subscription Box Review

So, Auntie Flo (as some of us call it in the USA), visits most women every month. While there are some variations to this depending on your body, if you're on specific birth control, your age, etc., most women get a month visitor for a few days between the ages of 12 and 50. Pink Parcel has cottoned on the the subscription box craze and has decided to give women another little monthly gift.

I got the box on a special, where they were giving them away for £1, though honestly, I'm not sure if I would go for it again just because I wasn't especially enamored with the products enough to pay full price for the box.

Before you check out, you can tell them if you wear pads or tampons, and they stock you chalk full of them, which was pretty nice.

They also give you a few little gifts:

In the May box, I received a full-sized lip color and exfoliating bar (which I have been using!), a tea bag, sample size body scrub and face mask, dark chocolate and sample size hand cream. While there was nothing expressly wrong with these products, and are pretty great on your period, I am just not a huge fan of any of them. It is possible another month would be different, though, or you have a preference for something else. I simply don't like the smell of orange, I also don't really like the taste or smell of coconut and am not a big fan of bitter dark chocolate. All in all, the box is a really cool idea, but the products included were a bit of a miss for me. But that doesn't mean they will be for you or I wouldn't fall in love with another month's box.

My favorite part of the box was this little cloth bag they gave me to put my pads or tampons in. This is a great way to be discrete if you're out or so you don't have to rifle pads from the bottom of your bag. You also don't get the dreadful issue of them accidentally opening in your bag and becoming instantly unsanitary and unusable.

All in all, I wasn't overly impressed with the box, but I would give it a second chance, as it is possible I got an "off" box that just didn't match my taste.

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