Cath Kidston x Alice in Wonderland Collaboration

Would this blog even be in existence if I didn't go to the Alice in Wonderland x Cath Kidston collaboration launch? No, it would not. Unfortunately I'm pretty broke right now, so I couldn't purchase the entire collection (and I wasn't on the PR list, and this was probably the one collection I would have actually really wanted to be on the PR list for), but I was able to give you guys a little preview at their sneak peek event.

The items are all on sale through their website now, though I believe some have already sold out in the presale (like the double Alice duvet cover, which is adorable, but also was £65 and I also ruined a duvet cover in my washing machine, so I would probably have a conniption if this happened with those).

In case you're wondering what I purchased, I got the mug, cosmetic bag (that I convinced myself I need for traveling), and luggage tag, which I am also convinced I need so I can spot my bags easier on the luggage carousel of doom.

Here are some photos from the night:

Teacups available here. £35
Alice Plates. £10

Small Wallet £30

Alice Tote. £65
Shopper bag £10 and Cheshire tote.

Alice meadow wallet. £40

You can shop the whole collection here. What's your favorite from the collection?

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