2018 Spring/Summer Haul

Over the past couple of months, I've started picking up pieces for the spring and summer. This is the first time in a LONG time I've actually bought clothing, as I've been recycling a lot or feeling too uncomfortable in my body to purchase anything.

But as I'm starting to lose some weight and get back in shape, and feel as though I want to do more with my summer than lie in bed with painkillers and a movie, I've done a little bit of online shopping. After clearing out more than half of my closet and keeping clothes I only wear (which were mostly black and oversized), I felt like this was needed.

All of these buys are budget friendly, as I'm definitely on a budget myself at the moment. Definitely nothing over-the-top price wise.

Hopefully, these staples will last me beyond this season, as the items aren't necessarily "trendy." Maybe you'll get some fashion inspo yourself from this post!

(It also feels like I purchased a million more items than these, but many got returned, hence the feeling!)

The items below are those that I kept, and will likely be flattering on you if you're on the shorter side with an hourglass figure.

As you can see, I'm attempting to brighten up my wardrobe here, and continuing to shop in the same 2-3 stores. H&M is hands down my favorite, due to their reasonable prices and decent quality clothing. However, I did branch out and test myself a bit with some clothing from other outlets this season, so I'm pretty proud of myself....

Where the items are from (each linked):

1. ASOS £8.50
3. Boohoo  £16
4.  H&M £12
5. H&M  £9
6. H&M £4.49

7. Marks & Spencer (M&S) £19.50
8. H&M £17.99
9. H&M £19.99
10. H&M £8.99
11. H&M £19.99
12. H&M £8.99
13. H&M £8.99

I also bought clothing that look like the following two items, but were purchased way cheaper and now seem to be sold out.

Sorry for that annoying arrow in the middle. ASOS makes it very difficult to take screenshots of their items. However, this is a dupe of a skater skirt I purchased, but the one I did buy was a lot cheaper. Probably in the £8 range. Here is a link to the dupe.
These shorts are also dupes of a pair I purchased from Pretty Little Thing for £10. These are my favorite buy, but seem to be out of stock on PLT and ASOS. These are some more expensive dupes, which you can shop here
I also totally forgot about this skirt, as I tried on several before deciding on it. But this was the one I ended up keeping. 
Purchased from H&M for £20. I was super inspired by the Ted Baker skirt, which is obviously out of my price range. I got this one instead, which is a fairly good dupe, in my opinion.
Happy shopping! What are you wearing this summer?

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