Leaving YouTube for DTube?

Is YouTube as a platform dead? I'm going with a yes.

YouTube has consistently treated bigger content creators with a ridiculous preference that allows them to get away with harassing people for money, leaving many of us no choice but to try and settle things in civil courts or with "expose" videos. Those in question get away with what they're doing, because YouTube simply doesn't care about the safety and well-being of their content creators and simply only cares about making a buck.

But it doesn't even care about giving its creators a buck, since they have demonetized a huge chunk of their videos and forced many YouTubers into censorship or to create videos for free, which amounts to hours and hours of free labor. It also recently drove off many smaller creators by refusing to pay those who don't rake in the views. It's not like these smaller creators were making a lot of money anyway, but it still move the goal posts and makes it less likely people will want to engage with the platform in the future.

So what is there to do?

Many content creators have been looking to move. I do miss the days of creating videos and sharing my life, but I don't miss the crap that came with it in the latter part of 2016 and 2017, which virtually forced me off the Internet since YouTube did nothing to protect me or the many other people who were experiencing similar terrible situations.

Enter Steemit and DTube. My friend Hannah, who has experienced something very similar to myself in the vein of being harassed by a toxic abuser profiting off of badgering and exploiting people, making horrific content about them and using their influence to send trolls to their social media, introduced me to DTube and Steemit. It is a platform that operates in transparency.

This means they take trolling, abuse and harassment seriously. Some people (especially those who condone abuse as free speech), believe this is tantamount to censorship, but it actually isn't. Instead, you can say and have whatever opinion you want on the platform, as long as it isn't hate speech or harassment. The community will decide whether they're into it or not, and those who run the site are actually responsive if you're experiencing unwanted attention from someone.

Best of all is the transparency. On YouTube, many creators talk about how they can't discuss their rate of pay. At Steemit, it displays it for everyone to see, so there are no hidden millionaires. Though I wonder what will happen if an engaged beauty community makes its way to Steemit/DTube and sponsored videos crop up.

I've slowly started to upload some of my old content to DTube to test the waters. I won't reupload everything, but am putting up some of the better older content I had and enjoyed making.

If you want to join, it's free and you can start earning money immediately, though you will have to figure out how to transfer your earnings to Bitcoin. I confess, I've not done that yet...

Follow my profile here: http://www.steemit.com/@annascanlon and start engaging with us! I'd love to see a lifestyle and blogging niche on there!

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