5 Things I Miss About Autumn in the US

Every year around this time, I start to get a little nostalgic for the United States and this time of year there. Of course, I grew up in California, so there wasn't necessarily the idea of "sweater weather" (the entirety of October through March is basically "sweater weather") and we missed the changing leaves and autumn colors. But there is still something so completely American about this time of year that just doesn't seem to translate to the UK.

Here are five things I miss about autumn in the US:

1) Pumpkins on the porch all month long

Okay, this likely boils down partially to the fact that a lot of people in the UK don't have porches. It's a North American thing, I get that. However, most have stairs. And front doors. When I told my boyfriend I was really into the idea of putting pumpkins inside our building outside of our flat, he thought it sounded really bizarre. His family confirmed that this is typically only done on Halloween here, meaning you don't have the fun of doing it the entire month.

Well, it looks like when we have kids, I will be the embarrassing mom who insists on pumpkins and an autumnal wreath all October long. Try and stop me, future children!

2) Pumpkin spice everything 

I'm aware that only *basic bitches* have pumpkin spice lattes. The United Kingdom has kindly introduced them to us for September and October, so it is a little taste of home. However, there isn't an explosion of pumpkin spice everything the way there is in the United States. Sometimes a girl just wants a pumpkin spice Oreo, ya know?

3) Candied apples

These have always been one of my favorite autumnal treats; likely because they were incredibly rare. Yes, you can get what they call toffee apples here, typically at carnivals and fun fairs, but it isn't specifically associated with autumn. I really had an urge to make them for a Halloween treat, but unfortunately, I couldn't even find a kit on Amazon (the go-to when you have urges for nasty American food).

4) Thanksgiving 

This is probably one of the biggest things I miss about the United States. While I can get a Thanksgiving-like dinner for under £5 (vegetarian carvery for the win!) at a variety of restaurants here, it simply isn't the same. Plus, the carvery is missing pumpkin pie, corn, squash, sweet potatoes and all of those goodies. Thanksgiving involves a whole day devoted to cooking and being with your family, whether you like it or not, as well as getting mildly dressed up for no real reason. It also extends autumn out for a bit, so you can keep your pumpkins on the porch and burn your fall scented candles just a little longer.

Here, Christmas smacks you in the face as soon as Halloween is over, but in the US, there is a little bit of delay because you know you have one more holiday before it's time for the big holidays.

5) Visiting a farm/pumpkin patch

To be fair, these are growing in popularity in the UK, but there are only a handful of them. Even in California, we had pumpkin patches to go to, complete with warm apple cider, hayrides and picking out your very best one to carve. They are fewer and far between in the UK, and are a little weird to go to without kids. A couple of friends of mine who grew up with American traditions told me they are getting excited to go with their children, but if Luke and I just went as adults, we might look a bit strange.

Scary movies on TV also deserve an honorable mention. Because of the delay in broadcasting, we don't necessarily get American Horror Story as it happens, nor are there copious "fright night" specials on TV.  Instead, I have to light my imported Bath and Body Works candles and create my own.

I definitely wouldn't have it any other way, but I know my kids are going to have a weird hybrid American/UK Halloween lead up, to which their father is going to think is kind of bizarre.

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  1. It's my dream to visit a pumpkin patch!! the colours <3


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