Exploring My Great-Grandfather's Polish Village

One thing I got up to this summer was a little trip through Europe with my parents and boyfriend. Normally, I would have documented this for my blog, but with everything going on with the court case and having to collect funds to pay my lawyer through GoFundMe, I knew that people would say that somehow I used the money to go on this trip (which I definitely did not!). And I'm sure people still will say that after this is published.

Still, I don't want to let negativity drown out a really cool experience to share on the blog.

For my birthday this year, I got to spend it in the village my family spent hundreds of years in in Poland. It's a tiny little place, with not more than one main road and a tiny shop and a statue of The Virgin Mary. It sits around a lake, though it was far too cold to go into it.

We learned that my family lived here for hundreds of years in the Kashubian village of Przytarnia and the neighboring villages of Gorki and Wiele. Due to World War II and the displacement of most Polish people, no one by any of those names live there now. The graveyard of the church is all populated with people who passed away after WWII.

While the town is full of small farms and likely doesn't look exactly like it did when our family lived there (wooden barns and houses have fallen out of fashion, and that's probably a good thing since they are so flammable!), we were able to visit a recreated Kashubian village in the nearby town of Wdzydze Kiszewskie, which was a lot of fun. While nobody really spoke English, we still got a taste of what life was like in the region before WWII...definitely very rough and rural. And I got some serious Fiddler on the Roof vibes (even though this side of my family isn't Jewish!).

Hope you have fun browsing some of these photos. 

Exterior of the church

Example of the interior of a Polish homestead

Example of the interior of a Polish homstead

       My dad and myself standing outside of the church.
A washing line. There was also an actress demonstrating how they did the washing then.

Me and Luke in front of one of the homes.

Me and my dad in front of the church.

My mom making Kashubian stamps that are used to decorate curtains, etc., in the homes.

Interior of the church (it evidently still functions!)

Interior of a seamstress' house and clothes from the time period.

Exterior of a farm house

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  1. How absolutely beautiful and stunning!!

  2. I loved this! What an amazing family visit. I have family ties in Poland as well and one day hope to make it make to the great-great-grandparents' village just north of Warsaw :)


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