Trying Cruelty Free Body Scrub and Dry Shampoo

I was generously gifted this amazing Hempz herbal extracts vanilla body scrub. Not only is it cruelty free and all natural, but it is absolutely amazing. I'm not always a big fan of trying new products, but Hempz's body scrub has huge beads that helps seriously exfoliate the skin--and it smells awesome (if you like vanilla, that is). Some body scrubs seem to have tiny beads, which makes it a bit more difficult to actually get a good exfoliation, but Hempz is amazing. Definitely recommend it, especially for those looking for cruelty free alternatives.

I was also generously gifted this dry shampoo. But if I'm totally honest, it wasn't my favorite. The pump isn't an aerosol, which, although more environmentally friendly, means that it seems to be constantly falling out. Although it works well on your hair, I simply find aerosol sprays easier and less messy.

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