Dr. Paw Paw Does It All

Dr. Paw Paw was kind enough to send me a sample of their new product, Dr. Paw Paw Does It All.  Best of all, it's totally cruelty free and doesn't test on animals.

Dr. Paw Paw's 7 in 1 product does seven things:

1. Heat Protection
2. Reduces split ends
3. Detangler
4. Leave-in Hair Treatment
5. Reduces frizz and smoothes
6. Blowdrying styling aid
7. Adds shine

At first I was skeptical....what can this stuff actually do? But after using it for a week, I have noticed that my hair is actually shinier and feels healthier! Definitely a product that I'm keeping. I'm running out of my leave in conditioner that ISN'T cruelty free, so I'm pretty glad I was given this. Could be a great replacement.

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  2. I've heard such great things about Dr Paw Paw products! x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

  3. I've not heard of this brand before but I love the packaging and it sounds great so I'd definitely like to try it out!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xxx


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