The £100 Living Room Makeover

Luke and I moved into our new flat a little over a month ago. And I willingly took on the task of trying to make our new little one bedroom a home--and on a pretty tight budget, and I love the way it turned out. Although we were already stuck with this odd colored couch and coffee table that is very precariously placed, I still think everything came together quite well.

So what did we purchase and how much was spent overall to make this little lounge nook look less dreary? Let's go over it!

White shelves- Ikea £17 
Pink pillows- H&M £12.99 x 2 plus the inner cushion £4.99 x 2
Blanket- Primark £5
Initial pillows- ASDA £5 each, one was gifted to me by ASDA over Christmas.
Throw rug- H&M £19.99 
Babushka coasters- Marks and Spencer No longer available, but I believe about £9
Votive holder- ASDA £3
Pineapple candle-  H&M £9.99
TV stand- Ikea £9 

TOTAL SPENT- £114. Not bad for a full room makeover!

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  1. It's so cute! Love it.

  2. I really love those pillow! May have to buy those for my couch! We would just need a T!


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