A Note About The Remnants

Some of my readers have been complaining about The Remnants, saying it is not "historically accurate" and that I need to spend more time researching the Holocaust (and if you know me, you know that's a crazy statement, since that's what I do for a living!).  In order to address that, I have made a note at the beginning for the novel and will direct others to this:

Please also be aware that this story is alternative history and not meant as factual. As a historian, I recognize the limitations of conjecture. Many have complained that this story is not “factually correct,” however the story is based on conjecture and imagination after a lifetime of studying the Holocaust and WWII. We cannot know what it would be like if the Nazis had won, and thankfully we don’t have to. Some aspects of this story are deliberately manipulated and not what I, as a historian, believe would have happened had the Nazis won. They have been manipulated to craft a better alternative history story. This is not a non-fiction book discussing what might have happened if the Nazis had won based on actual historical facts and writings. This book is also set at least 70 years after the Nazis have “won” the war, meaning life would have changed dramatically.

Please note, this is not meant to be a factual account of life in Nazi Germany, but rather a very imagined account of what might have happened if they had won. If you are expecting a historical account of what life was like under Nazi Germany, this is not the book for you. If you are looking for historically accurate fiction about WWII or the Holocaust, I suggest you read my novel Unravelled.

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