Camel Cape with BooHoo

I've always wanted to try a cape style, so I was thrilled when BooHoo sent one over for me to wear. To be totally candid, I'm not sure capes are the best style for women with big busts as if its not fitted extremely well it can make you look a lot bigger. But it was fun to play with this one, and to wrap up in it. It is a bit like wearing a blanket on a cold day, and who can so no to that?

This one makes me LOL. So mysterious!

Cozy cozy in my cape!

Enjoying some sunshine!

The best part about this cape? It's on sale! Grab it here. 

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  1. Lovely jacket, I like the colour of it. Looks good on you

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem


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