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About a year ago, I reviewed and it wasn't too flattering. Although the shipping was fast, the dress I received was far too small, unlined and felt extremely cheap. However, they keep coming up on blogs, so I decided to give them a go again, this time armed with knowledge of buying two sizes up. SheInside also has a spot where users can upload pictures of themselves in the clothing, making it easy to figure out how they might look on you and how other people have found the clothing. So I ordered two pieces...and this time I was actually pretty happy!

Keep in mind that the clothing IS made in China, which can mean lower quality and long shipping times. Also keep in mind my negative experience in the past, meaning that you it is very hit or miss. I also can't vouch for the ethics of the company and if they employ child labor or other exploitative schemes.

But, onto the purchases (and me looking like I'm ready to punch someone in the face?).

The first piece is called the Black White Striped Three Quarter Length Sleeve Stripe Dress which retails for a mere £15.

(a little unfocused)

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this dress, even though it isn't actually three quarter length. The top of the dress is also a bit like a leotard material, so I'm not super jazzed about that, but it is a great little outfit for going out. The material for the skirt feels a lot nicer and I was much happier with that. At £15, you can't really go wrong! (And I look incredibly mood and pouty! haha)

The next dress is £15.86 and called the Purple Long Sleeve Floral Print Dress.

This dress has gotten me a ton of compliments, even though it may be a bit short for work. The material itself doesn't feel particularly durable and is a bit cheap if I'm honest, but you'll definitely get some wear out of it.

Shoes and jewellery:
Pink shoes: Jessica Simpson Mandalaye

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  1. I bought a few things from SheInside before moving to Ireland a couple of years ago, only half of the shipment actually fit, but I still have that half a few years later. They have some fun things and at very cheap prices. Though I'm definitely a little nervous about the ethics behind them as well. Looks like some cute purchase though!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yeah it is SO hit or miss, isn't it? And the sizing doesn't seem to be all that standard, which makes it harder. I'm like "Just go to the Large or Extra Large!" but now they've also started to cater to plus size women, which is fantastic, but then makes it all the more confusing. xx

  2. Love that striped dress on you!

  3. Being brutally honest, I'm not really loving these dresses. I think they're just not cut to be very flattering. In general I prefer to spend more on clothing and get good quality. Now that doesn't always work out - sometimes you can spend £££ and still end up with something that's not that great. But in general I think you get what you pay for.


    1. Aw I ended up being pleasantly surrpised by them, though the material feels quite cheap still. But you're right sometimes you do get what you pay for...though sometimes designer items are not even all that well made. x

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! It isn't actually a romper, but a dress. I think the wind blowing made it look like its a romper. x

  5. Did you look at the measurements of each garment as stated on their web site with each piece/garment that you ordered and relate that to your actual measurements to arrive at the size you needed to order? I am just wanting to know how you decided what size to order. Also, you said the top part of the first dress was a knit type fabric ( btw this is my favorite of these two on you) does the description of the item describe each piece and the fabrics? Thanks for your post.

    1. Hey Christy,

      No, I kind of just ordered blindly and it worked out this time. Last time, everything was WAY too small, so I just got the biggest size (I think). As I said, they now cater to plus-size women which makes that strategy now a no go for some pieces, so you may have to use the measurements on the site. It states online that the material is 65% cotton and 35% polyester, but I am beginning to think that 35% is the entire top!


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