30 Day Song Challenge, Day 3

Today, we are talking songs that calm me down on the 30 Day Song Challenge. In the tradition of all of the other posts, I have two of my favorite chill songs by two of my favorite chill artists--Elliott Smith and Sean Lennon. The former is a bit of a depressing artist, but he's still great to write to and focus with. 

Elliott Smith-Waterloo Sunset 
Elliott's cover of the iconic Kinks song is one of my favorites. 

Sean Lennon- Headlights
Yes, this is John Lennon's son. And in some ways, I wish he had changed his surname as he gets unfair comparison to his father. I mean, HOW do you live up to that legacy? At any rate, I am a huge fan of his Parachute album, and Headlights is one of my favorites. I write to this album quite often as it is soft and relaxing and chill.

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