Pink Coat Outfit Post

Well, it has been a long time since I've done an outfit post...

Unfortunately, I am not the type of blogger with a budget for someone to follow me around with a instead I'm taking photography classes and seeing where it takes me. As a result, I'm doing my best to bring you some outfit posts.

Here in the UK, spring is definitely here, but it will remain chilly indefinitely on and off. This is why I invested in this spring coat from Warehouse. 

Exact Outfit Links:
Sunglasses- Balmain
Coat: Warehouse
Pants/Trousers- H&M

I'm still learning about a lot of the settings on my camera, so enjoy this messing around--as it were. xx

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  1. Your pink coat is lovely! It definitely suits your fair skintone. Your photos are pretty as well, don't worry - your chose the right setting to take them I think ;)

    Julia x
    Check my last beauty post here:

  2. that coat is lovely, i have a very similar one! I always worry about the settings for photographs but i think these look really good so don't worry :) great post!

    Jennifer's Journal x

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