My Very First Lookbook! Play Nice.

I must admit that I am not super happy with how my body looks right now because I've been very ill since last August and haven't been able to workout much because of ongoing pain. I hope you'll bare (is it bare or bear? I never know!) with me.

If you want to know where everything is from, you'll need to head over to watch the video on my YouTube channel. 

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  1. Oh Anna, you look beautiful. Truly and I wouldn't lie about that! These shots in the video, they have a very romantic vibe to them, like with the daffodils, you holding and cuddling the dog (so cute!), you holding the pink flowers, the long skirt, the gold crystal necklace, the long swishing beautiful blonde hair (you are SO lucky to be a natural blonde, by the way).

    I think this whole video makes you look like an eighteenth century heroine.

    1. Thank you! :) You are so sweet. It was my first one, so I'm glad it went well! xx

  2. I think you look adorable! I watched the whole thing, how fun!


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