GUEST POST: Looks I'm Loving Lately by Llinos

Today's guest post is from Llinos of The Lilac Linnet. She's sharing some of her favorite looks and tips and tricks for the winter months.


Now that the colder months are here, and the dark nights are setting in earlier, I've been enjoying trying new styles for my hair, and wearing darker colours of makeup.  Think rich jewel tones and autumnal colours.
Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes Dark Palette

My favourite nail art has definitely been this firework inspired glitter look.  I first saw the idea on Cassie Fairy  and I felt really inspired to try it out.  It's such a bold, bright look for this time of year.

I created it by simply choosing five of my favourite deep coloured polishes, painting each nail with a different colour, and then for the second coat I used a clear glitter polish.  A base coat seals the colour and adds another layer of sheen.  This is a great look for a night out and it's definitely a conversation starter!

As my hair is growing longer, I have been looking for new ways to tie my hair up.  I have very thick, curly hair, and if I don't want it cut into a bob, then it's much easier to look after if I have a few go-to hairstyles to pull it away from my face, as it's such heavy hair.

This year I finally mastered how to do a french plait/braid!  I have tried and failed on several occasions, but now I've finally managed it I am so happy.  It's a great style for work which keeps my hair out of my face, but also it can be dressy for night.  Simply add some slides, a bow or even flowers to create a real statement.  I also think that the style lends itself to my natural curls; you can clearly see the waves of my hair and it creates a messy, relaxed texture.

For most of the summer I wore minimal makeup, but now it's winter I am enjoying wearing a brighter and bolder look.  I love deep pink lipstick, but most of all, I am enjoying using this matte palette from Sleek Makeup.  The matte eyeshadows mean that the colours are good for day, and I'm enjoying using the variety of colours which the palette offers.  There's only a couple which I will never use, which at £7.99, makes this a very good investment.  At this time of year, avoiding glittery eyeshadow palettes can be difficult, but I know this one will carry me through to spring.  

What are your favourite beauty looks for winter?

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