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Hi y'all, I am Kristie from Kristie's Blue Jeans.  Anna has graciously welcomed me to her Wonderland and I am so excited.  I have a little blog about my life's chaotic, hilarious moments and the random musings that pop into my head.  I hope you stop by.

Anyone you talk to will tell you how much they wish they could travel more or how you should travel before marriage, kids or getting older because that is the only time you are really going to be able to travel.  I couldn't agree more.  I am pretty sure I live a life that some are envious of, but in reality I am extremely envious of the true nomads and the freedom they have.  Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for my job and the opportunities it has allowed me, especially the travel I am able to afford to do.  Here are a few of my tips for making a trip of a lifetime.

 Travel Buddies-  It is really important, if you decide to travel with people, to find people of like tastes, financial standings with whom you mesh well with,  No one wants to go on a trip where they have to cover another person because they were really only able to afford the cost of getting there, but not the being there.  Additionally, having people of good nature along makes the trip that much better.

Plan, Plan, Plan-  I am not one for minute by minute plans, but I think it is very important to have a daily itinerary of where you are headed.  This helpful to make sure see plenty of the things you want to see as well as keeping people back home updated on your whereabouts.  You can never be too careful.
Keep It Simple- I can honestly say that simplicity is the key to a good trip.  If there is a sight that you REALLY want to see, go and see it.  There is nothing more depressing than coming home and realizing you had the time or funds to do something you missed out.  In keeping with simplicity, be sure to research and use sites like Trip Advisor for great information posted by travelers and locals alike.  I cannot tell you how many times the Trip Advisor and Yelp apps on my iPhone saved my butt. What are some of your favorite travel tips? All in all, the best attitude to have is excitement and joy.  Those attitudes carry over and make the trip more amazing.  Happy travels!

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  1. It's so true that you have to travel with people that have similar tastes as you! It's always annoying when one person tries to ride the coattails of the others or just complains about the location of the trip if it's not what they thought it would be like. That just makes everyone else upset :( Better to leave that person at home, haha! Great tips and nice post :)


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