GUEST POST: An Accidental Life Down Under by Lydia and Rosie Stevens

This post today is by two of my favorite ladies, Lydia and Rosie Stevens of Two Little Pigs Down Under. Lydia and I did our MA degrees together and had a great time living in Amsterdam for a year together. She and her twin, Rosie, couldn't quite shake the travel bug and are here today sharing how they accidentally started a whole new life in Australia.

 G’day all!
Now, while our good friend Anna is feeling somewhat under the weather (get well soon gurrrl) the two little pigs oinked at the opportunity to regale you, her lovely readers, with the tale of just how we came to be living on the opposite side of the world to our native England, in Australia. Be sure to check out our blog and our instagram for amusing rambles (well we think they're funny. And our parents do. #so.) , travel stories, a plethora of brekky pictures and the odd rant (we do love a good rant- a bit like Anna here. Preach it sista!)

So, before we left the UK for 6 months, with an innocent plan of traveling South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and then heading home, our ever beautiful and ever wise mother told us (with remarkable foresight and accuracy);
“things are going to go wrong, of course they are. Part of the fun will be working out for yourselves how to solve these problems.”
While the actual process of overcoming the ‘problems’ we encountered could not ever, even by the wildest optimist be described as ‘fun’, valuable life experience it most certainly was. While not wishing to dwell on our misfortune (slash one’s own stupidity) what follows is a brief synopsis of the two events that resulted in…well, a minor change of direction:
  1. Moped crashing: Yes. The ONE thing that everyone unanimously tells you not to do while in Asia: ride mopeds without insurance (also ride mopeds without having any real idea of how the hell to ride a moped). An unfortunate crash followed, nicely complemented by some nasty cuts and bruises and being charged £800 for some cosmetic damage, enforced by the local Thai Police officer who was holding my passport hostage…  I genuinely thought we would have to fly home and Rose wouldn’t want to be my best piggy mate anymore. Luckily, (and to her credit, because I would have been PISSED at me) neither of those eventuated, but make it worse I sure did by…

  1. The-smashing-of-an-impossibly-expensive-solid-china-toilet-lid: I know, I don’t really know what to say either. Basically, we were in a hotel. Basically the toilet wouldn’t flush. Basically I tried to fix it (why I cannot tell you). Basically I dropped it and it smashed. Of course we were subsequently threatened with police and prison and slave labor and the life of fugitives on the run if we didn’t pay the price for an ENTIRE new toilet. So while being told by police that “£250 is nothing to white people like you” we paid up.
Now, we’d grossly underestimated how much money we would need for our trip in the first place. Incurring the aforementioned cost, was a trip-changer. We concluded that we needed to decide between cutting our trip short and flying home after Asia, or continuing on over to Australia and getting working visas and saving to continue our travels further on down the line. We opted for the latter, and as it turns out Australia is a pretty damn amazing place to be. 

(Because you can get bowls of coffee. Amen.)

So there you have it. The brief tale (tail. hehehe) of how two little idiots piglets left for 6 months, still aren't home a year and a half later, and are currently capering (best word ever) around Down Under.

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