Pre-Christmas/Hanukkah Treats...Whoops

Despite the fact that I absolutely should NOT be shopping, I took the liberty to purchase a few items on sale via Bluefly and Modcloth. These staple pieces are going to my parents' house, where I'll pick them up at Christmas time. I'll do a haul on video around then, highlighting all the American goodies I'll pick up. But as these are on sale now, you may want to take a look. Please be aware that original items may not ship to UK or may include a duty fee if purchased online.

Retail: $228, on sale for $59
UK similars:

Retail: $119, on sale for $64
UK similar:

UK Similar: 

Retail: $320, on sale for $80
UK Similar:
Jennifer Deco Temple Wrap Sunglasses £15

And some non-clothing/fashion items:
1. Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar £3.50
Since I've never purchased a Lush seasonal item, I decided to take the plunge and get one of these. We'll see how it goes. As I've said before, I'm not a huge bath person, but I'll get one in once this Autumn!

2. Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub £7.75/£13.95 
I have been leaving this off of my beauty regime lately due to lack of funds, but my skin has suffered for it. I notice when I do use it, my skin is so much softer and less prone to acne. Disturbing the beauty routine has not been kind to me, so I'm back to it when I get this in the post.

3. Dark Angels Cleanser £6.95/£16.88
I've found this controls grease so well and keeps acne down considerably, especially when used in tandem with the Ocean Salt. A small pot lasts me for several months and since it comes in a pot, it is super easy to travel with. Originally, I was using Coal Face, which has the same affect, but it only comes as soap bars. It was okay for home, but since I go somewhere overnight at least once a month, it was less and less practical. Dark Angels is the way to go, although you do need to be careful to rinse well after use. This is not a new treat, rather just replacing my old pot.

4. Garden Gnome iPhone Case $29.95-$39.95 (Approx £18-£25)
This adorable case is by Dana of The Wonder Forest, who probably thinks I am crazy since I comment so often on her stuff and hope to one day contribute to WF. All of Dana's products are 20% off through the end of today (October 26) with the code WONDER20, and the cases (which are available for all types of phone models) ship for free worldwide!

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  1. Mmmm, I love lush items and it has been a while since I indulged!! I may have to look out for that pumpkin bar :)

    1. I'm quite excited! It was the first time I've bought a bubble bar for myself. :)

  2. That Lush bubble bar is the cutest! And I'm obsessed with the red coat you got!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    1. Thank you! I needed some color in my winter wardrobe!

  3. Love the coat (I would wear awesome boots with that) and the iphone case, they are pretty cute!!


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