Dorm Room Ideas

This past week, I have been really ill (with an infection that would not go away and just about landed me in the hospital) and therefore there will be no new video this Monday. Sorry guys. Next week though, buckle up! Instead, let's talk dorm room ideas....

Most dorms won't allow you to paint or nail anything to the wall. One alternative I like to use is a wall decal. It can make your room totally your own without breaking the rules.  Some examples:

Awesome 3D Butterfly Mural- $3.99


Decals- $10


Multicolored Paper Lantern String Lights

Dry Erase Wall Calendar Decal

NYC Wall Decal

I can't speak highly enough of investing in one of these. I promise you, it will be totally worth it. Those mattresses are not the most comfortable in the world...

In the widget below, I've created some dorm room essentials that I used throughout my college/uni days and some decoration inspiration. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. These are great ideas. I especially like the 3-D butterfly decal; I've never seen that before!


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