August Self-Publishing Income Report and Tips

How did I do for August? Check it out!

Kindle Sales and Borrows
USA- $505.55
UK- £5.26 ($8.50)
India- 269.82 Rupees ($4.40)

Paperback Sales
USA- $18.39
UK- £11.68 ($19)

Compared to July, I made $15 more than the previous month. 
What did I do differently this month?
Children of the Most High was enrolled in a Kindle Countdown Deal, which allowed readers to grab the book at a reduced price for a certain number of days. My marketing this month was not very aggressive, so I'm really excited at how much I made! 

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  1. That's wonderful! Congrats! I'm working on some projects myself, and the idea of self publishing stresses me out! It's nice to see someone have success with it.

    1. Publishing in general is stressful, so I hear ya. I'm not sure which is the least stressful, but for me it all kind of is! haha. Glad you found this helpfu! xx

  2. Congrats! Was it easy to publish through Amazon? I am working on a novel and I am considering using Amazon to publish it.

    1. Hey Felecia! Yes it is extremely easy, but the difficult part is getting your book noticed. That is simply the first hurdle! xx

  3. I think that's a great amount, you're doing so well! :D


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