Summer-y Outfit of the Day

The theme of these photos is clearly "stand as awkwardly as possible."
Cue bitchy resting face....

Dress: New Look*
Flower Headband: New Look

*Denotes Affiliate Link
Some of the doggies got in on the action. :)

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  1. Hi Anna! I love this dress on you and the floral headband! I'm obsessed with floral headbands right now.. I'm starting to get quite the collection haha!

  2. Gorgeous dress! And of course, the doggies ;)

    1. Aww thanks! The doggies are my fave too. )

  3. Any tricks for keeping headbands like that on your head? Every time I wear one, it is slipping back and then off within an hour. And I don't have time to run to the restroom all day and primp.

    1. If you strategically place bobby pins (or grips as they call them in the UK), it can secure it.

  4. Love the dress. Check out my blog for the latest eyewear and let me know what you think.


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