Orange is the New Black--Round Deuce! and Luke's New Video

It came out yesterday!! Tell me your thoughts in the comments below (but try not to spoil it). I am wetting myself with excitement, y'all!
My boyfriend is also amazing with impressions, so check out his new video, "Michael Caine Gets Cold Called by a Scammer"


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  1. I've spend ALL DAY watching OITNB! I'm almost done and it's SO good! The plus to it being on Netflix is you get to watch endlessly without waiting week after week but the down side is once your done it's OVER for what seems like forever!

    1. I get that post show feeling and are just like "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW WORLD?" haha. Still haven't finished yet, but close!

  2. I love that show. Got hooked on it since the first episode. Haven't seen the second season yet but will def get to it on Netflix. sent by My So-Called Chaos.

    1. Woot! Glad Angie sent you over here.

      It's amazing, isn't it Susana? On the last episode as we speak! x


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