New York Days 1 & 2

Luke and I are currently on vacation in New York City before my fellowship and the pair of us having been having a blast catching up with friends and playing tourist. 

The first day, after a small bout of a stomach flu the night before (on my end), we went to a Yankees Baseball Game (Luke's first was pretty amusing to watch him at the "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" sing-a-long...apparently that's not a song sung in England!). I'm not normally a huge baseball fan, but we had a really good time at the game.

After our time in Yankee Stadium, we headed to the East Village where we saw the US draw with Portugal. It was still a blast!
Luke and his American beer
On Day 2, we took a trip to see Lady Liberty herself, Ellis Island and I caught up with some old friends who I taught English in Hungary with in the West Village. But that was not without Luke's first trip to IHOP....which blew his mind. All of this cheap food and American size portions!

And now...Lady Liberty!

A bad picture of me Luke took. :p
Ellis Island Registration Room

Ellis Island

Luggage Room

Luke in the Registry Room

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  1. Annnnaaaa it looks like you're having such an immense time!! So jealous! Look at the sheer size of that waffle, what's not to love! xxxx

    1. Thanks Rosie! We are having a fabbbb time. Wish you girls were here with us! xxx


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