...and we're off!

I'm off to the United States and Poland from June 21-July 24. I will be available for email, twitter, etc., but it may be sparse. Don't worry, I have pre-written posts to sustain you in my absence and I will try to answer all emails and tweets in a timely fashion. I have at least 4 (more likely 5 though!) pre-written posts per week coming at you. Videos on my YouTube have been pre-filmed and will still be up every Monday.

I hope to come back with some travelogues and a lot more content for you. I am going to Poland as part of a fellowship to study the Holocaust, so a lot of what I'm doing there won't really be appropriate to post in blogs and videos. However, I do hope to make a few videos whilst I'm there (particularly on my free days when I'm exploring Poland and doing non-academic activities and when Luke and I are in New York City)....and expect some blog posts reflecting on my time away. It may get heavy...just warning ya.

Lots of Love!


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    You have an amazing blog!
    would you mind checking out my blog,and following if you like?
    Keep in touch xoxo


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