Super Easy Low Cal Snacks and Ways to Jazz Up Vegetables

I know I sound like a ridiculous advert here, but this is something I've struggled with while I've been trying to lose weight. I've been (almost religiously) doing my Jillian Michaels DVDs, but find myself struggling with eating the small amount of food that I need to be portioning out in order to keep losing weight.

I've come up a few snack ideas that I've been doing and thought I would share. They may sound like a no-brainer, but I often forget that these snack ideas even exist and need to be reminded. So maybe these will inspire you!

 Porridge/Oatmeal with some brown sugar

I find porridge/oatmeal (however you say it) to be one of the best snacks/breakfast foods. It not only fills you up, but it keeps you going. I often eat this before workout and sprinkle a little bit of brown sugar on it. Other people use fruit, but I'm a fan of sweetening the deal. 

Porridge/Oatmeal alone: 100-160 depending on your flavor
Brown Sugar: 11 per unpacked teaspoon 

Yogurt and Fresh Fruit

A quick, low calorie way to satisfy a sweet tooth. A great filling snack, that tastes like dessert, for under 100 calories.

Calories (as pictured)
Vanilla Activia Yogurt Pot (125g): 68 calories
Two fresh medium strawberries chopped: 8 calories

Carrots and Hummus

If you're feeling a little Mediterranean, try some carrots and hummus. Here I only have one pictured, but it is delicious none the less. Beware of hummus, though, as it can pack in the calories if you're not careful. If your local supermarket has pots with premeasured amounts of it, go for those...otherwise you may end up eating way more calories than you meant to.

Calories (as pictured)
One small raw carrot:  21 calories
Hummus: 25 calories per tablespoon

Peanut butter and banana

 This is a great way to grab some protein if you're hurrying off somewhere. I use the Sainsbury's basic peanut butter which takes some getting used to if you are American and used to something like Jif. Even though Palm Oil seems to be more controversial, I am sure it is more healthy than processed peanut butters. But, like the hummus, you have to be careful not to eat too much of it as PB is loaded with calories.

Banana: 90-120 depending on size
Peanut Butter: 124 per tablespoon

Apples and Cinnamon

A great quick little snack. Picture here, there is wayyyyy too much cinnamon on the top apple, so...uh...try not to do that!

Apple (pictured are two small apples): 60-120 depending on size
Cinnamon: 6 per teaspoon


Yes, that is broccoli smothered in ketchup and don't freak out til you've tried it. Probably not the healthiest of options, but still low-cal and delicious, steamed broccoli and ketchup make a great snack.

Broccoli: 31 per cup
Ketchup: 19 per tablespoon

Other (healthier) ways to jazz up steamed vegetables

If you're bored with steamed vegetables but don't want to add butter to them, there are a few things you can do to up their flavor.
1. Try spreading some hummus
2. Sprinkle lemon juice or ginger
3. Parsley, oregano, basil, cumin or paprika for some spice
4. Toasted nuts (almonds are particularly good)
5. Small amounts of mozzarella cheese
6. Use a clove of garlic, crush it, mix with tahini sauce and then add a bit of water and drizzle over your vegetables for some Middle Eastern flare
7. Olive oil, vinaigrette or any other low calorie salad dressing
8. A little bit of pesto (goes a long way!)

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