Happy Passover! It's Matzah Week!--Tiramatzah

Tonight marks the beginning of Passover, the Jewish holiday to celebrate the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Many Jews (I'm not one of them, though) forgo all yeast and flour products for the duration of the holiday. But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to be enjoying some delicious Passover recipes.

Stay tuned to see me (attempt) to make Passover-friendly chocolate and toffee crunch as well as how I make my charoset. Even if you're not Jewish, you can indulge.

Here's my first Passover treat for you: No Bake Tiramatzah, courtesy of Evil Mad Scientist. I've made it before and am simplifying it a bit for you here.

For this recipe, you will need:
Custard (either 1-2 store bought cans or made...you can find a recipe here)
9 inch baking dish
1 pot of coffee or espresso (without sugar or cream)
5 sheets of matzah
1 cup of cocoa
Optional- cooking brush

1) Start by either soaking one sheet of matzah in the coffee or espresso mix or painting both sides with coffee/espresso with your cooking brush. This part is tricky because, as Evil Mad Scientist suggests, too much will result in a flimsy mess and too little will not get flavor into the matzah. When I've done this, I've painted the matzah layers individually on both sides, which seemed to work well. I used Manischewitz Matzah.

2) Place the coffee stained/soaked matzah in the baking dish. Using a spoon or a spatula, spread a thin layer of custard over it.

3) Repeat steps one and two, each time placing the matzah on top of the custard so that it sticks. You may want to slightly press down on it, but not too hard as this will crack the matzah.

4) When you get to the last layer of matzah, spread the custard over it and then sprinkle the cocoa on top.

5) Place in the fridge overnight.

It will be ready to eat in the morning!

Other Passover recipes are available at Huffington Post in their 27 Better Ways to Eat Matzo post.

Here are some yummy looking examples:

FTC: I have no affiliation with any of the above mentioned brands or websites.


  1. These look so good!!! Can't wait to try them out.

  2. Let me know how they turn out. I'll be posting about them all week. :)


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