Blog Find: Virtual Big Sister

New author Leila Oicles has created a new blog aptly named Virtual Big Sister that includes virtual mix tapes, advice, letters and more. But the coolest part of Leila's page is her Letter Series. Like Postsecret before it, this new series allows people to draft anonymous letters instead of just postcards. You can spill your guts to your virtual big sister and rest assured that it's gotten out to the world...and no one will even know it was you.

Who would you want to write a letter to?
  • A sister or brother? Parents?
  • A friend? An ex-friend?
  • A past love? An Ex? A future love?
  • Someone who has passed away that you miss? Are you angry at someone who has passed? Or do you have regrets of things you never told someone and wish you have?
  • A boss or co-worker?
  • Someone famous? Someone famous who has passed away? 
  • What about a person you might have bullied in school? Or maybe to someone you watched being bullied but never did anything about it?
  • Someone you have a crush on but too scared to reveal your true feelings?
  • A stranger feeling sad or lonely or depressed?
  • Your past self? Your future self? Your present self?
  • Just want to vent and say what you really want to say but feel you can't?
  • You did something you're ashamed of and afraid to tell anyone?
  • Want to write a letter to me, your virtual big sis? :)
You can see an example for some inspiration here. 

What are you waiting for? Go check her out and get to writing!

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  1. Neat idea! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great find. A great way to express something you have been feeling instead of keeping it inside!


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