Air France Marie Antoinette Ads

We all know Marie Antoinette, the French queen famous for losing her head, was also famous for her flippant spending and outrageous lifestyle. This, of course, is what offended the sensibilities of so many French peasants of the day, partially leading to the French revolution.

But even though her days in court are long over, she still remains a fixture in France. As an admitted francophile, I adore Rococo style furniture and art pieces, even if they are famously gaudy.

To my delight, while browsing the Internet, I came across a brilliant AirFrance ad campaign featuring none other than Marie herself!

I'm not a huge fan of AirFrance in general, but I will and have flown them in the past (they have lost my companions luggage on several occasions and once changed gates at the last moment making me miss a flight). But they aren't the worst by any stretch of the imagination. I still prefer BritishAirways or KLM, but I'm really digging this new ad series.

Now if some rich person wants to fund my trip to the US or Canada or Asia or Australia in the Soaring Palace La Premiere Suite, I'd be more than happy to oblige...for the purposes of putting a review on my blog, of course!

FTC DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation with Air France.

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