Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar Gate 2K14: Putting It To Bed

I never anticipated the crazy responses I would get from stating my honest opinion on a product. Ah well. Here are my final thoughts on the whole subject and I will see you in the new year.

I hope your 2015 is full of health, wealth and happiness and will see you Friday with a new post! xxx

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GUEST POST: Author Interviews by Allie Lange

 Allie from Reckless in Your Love has agreed to write a lovely guest post interviewing some great authors who have participated in NaNoWriMo! If you're interested in participating next year, or did it this year, you'll want to read this.


If you guys have been around the blog world lately, you’ve probably seen something related to NaNoWriMo – a post, a picture, a Tweet, something.   You may have even cringed to read that word because, whether you participated or not, you’re probably at some level of being NaNoWriMo-ed out.   For those of you who don’t know much about it, NaNoWriMo (AKA, National Novel Writing Month) is a month-long event during which authors work towards a goal of writing 50,000 words of their novel all in 30 days.  They’re absolutely crazy!  From what I’ve heard, it’s really intense.  You type and type and type until your fingers bleed, and at the end you have a 50,000 words that more or less form a baby book which still needs a lot of work to become a published novel.  In spite of the difficulty, something about that has an irresistible draw for me.  I’ve always wanted to write a book, but over the last months, a few of my favorite bloggers showed me that I can write a book.  Like, now.  I want to write a book! There it is.  It’s official.

I have a lot of experience with rushing into things without a lot of consideration or prior knowledge, so about four seconds after I decided that I wanted to write a book, I was hit with images of me sitting on the floor, burned out and surrounded by half a novel’s worth of pages that would never become a real book.  I can’t say similar things haven’t happened before.  (Coughcough, the aftermath of Hurrican Scrapbook in my basement right now.) I do, however, really want to write a book – it’s a total bucket list item.   And because bucket list items a) are mandatory and b) deserve consideration and prior knowledge, I emailed some experienced authors to learn a little bit about what I’m getting myself into.  They were so, so helpful, and I know lots of things about writing books now that I didn’t before!  I’d like to share that with you so that we can both not end up burned out on the floor, but I’d probably want to introduce them to you anyway, because they’re great: meet Lindsay, Chelsea, and Rachael.

From left to right: Lindsay, Chelsea, and Rachael, blogger / author extraordinaires!

Merry Christmas Everyone! 100,000 Views!

Anna in Wonderland, at the end of its 9th active month, has hit 100,000 pageviews!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to come over and check out what's on my little corner of the web. Without you guys, my blog would just be hanging out in dead air. To show my appreciation, check out the post below to win an awesome Christmas present!

And it is Christmas, isn't it? Check out my video on some crazy Christmas traditions from around the world!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! xxxx

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'Twas the Night Before Christmas: One Last Present Giveaway!

All your Christmas/Hanukkah shopping is done and you're ready to relax for the rest of the holidays. But how would you like to win one more present for yourself? 

I've teamed up with some fabulous bloggers to give away a fabulous Cath Kidston tote. You can choose either one, or any item on the Cath Kidston website of equal or lesser value (or any combination of items totaling to a retail value of £45).

 Get to know your hosts and how to enter after the jump!

GUEST POST: An Accidental Life Down Under by Lydia and Rosie Stevens

This post today is by two of my favorite ladies, Lydia and Rosie Stevens of Two Little Pigs Down Under. Lydia and I did our MA degrees together and had a great time living in Amsterdam for a year together. She and her twin, Rosie, couldn't quite shake the travel bug and are here today sharing how they accidentally started a whole new life in Australia.

 G’day all!
Now, while our good friend Anna is feeling somewhat under the weather (get well soon gurrrl) the two little pigs oinked at the opportunity to regale you, her lovely readers, with the tale of just how we came to be living on the opposite side of the world to our native England, in Australia. Be sure to check out our blog and our instagram for amusing rambles (well we think they're funny. And our parents do. #so.) , travel stories, a plethora of brekky pictures and the odd rant (we do love a good rant- a bit like Anna here. Preach it sista!)

New Video: Lip Monthly Unboxing

Looking for a make-up subscription service? Today I review and unbox my Lip Monthly box.

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GUEST POST: 10 Apps That Make Hosting Holidays Easier by Shari Wargo Stamps

Shari Wargo Stamps of Savvy Every Day is back with another great guest post about apps that can help you breeze through the holidays with ease. 


Gathering for special occasions is one of the reasons the holidays feels so magical . . . that and there are presents involved so some people are far more polite that usual.  But with these big events comes the stress of putting it all together. Sometimes ensuring dinner is set and ready on time while also taking the time to decorate just right and be sure you have enough food (or people coming) can be a real bear! Fortunately, there are some very cool apps that make all this more of a breeze and less of a sandstorm. Keep reading for some #SavvyHolidayApps you’ll love.

Gifts for Him for Under £20

Getting a gift for him on a budget? Look  no further...here's my last minute gift guide!

GUEST POST: Kristie's Travel Tips by Kristie Ketterhagen

Hi y'all, I am Kristie from Kristie's Blue Jeans.  Anna has graciously welcomed me to her Wonderland and I am so excited.  I have a little blog about my life's chaotic, hilarious moments and the random musings that pop into my head.  I hope you stop by.

Anyone you talk to will tell you how much they wish they could travel more or how you should travel before marriage, kids or getting older because that is the only time you are really going to be able to travel.  I couldn't agree more.  I am pretty sure I live a life that some are envious of, but in reality I am extremely envious of the true nomads and the freedom they have.  Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for my job and the opportunities it has allowed me, especially the travel I am able to afford to do.  Here are a few of my tips for making a trip of a lifetime.

 Travel Buddies-  It is really important, if you decide to travel with people, to find people of like tastes, financial standings with whom you mesh well with,  No one wants to go on a trip where they have to cover another person because they were really only able to afford the cost of getting there, but not the being there.  Additionally, having people of good nature along makes the trip that much better.

New Video: Frozen and Maleficent Inspired Holiday Hairstyles

So, I'm okay at hair. I'm not amazing, but I feel like watching Pinterest-perfect people doing their hair just makes me all depressed inside. So I decided to a slightly less than perfect hair tutorial inspired by Anna from Frozen and Princess Aurora from Maleficent. And I'm kind of slowly getting back to regularly scheduled filmings! Woohoo!

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Gifts for Her for Less Than £20

Looking for gifts on a budget? I've got you covered!

GUEST POST: How to Give a Gift Like Ted Mosby by Sami Jankins

Sami Jankins, one of my best friends, has allowed me to repost this great gift giving tip article that she originally wrote for The Good Men Project. With the holidays upon us, this article is going to be super helpful and shows some great tips for creating memorable gifts.


We’re all used to the standard holidays that are known to be the moment of sharing gifts – birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, as well as Christmas. I’m a year-round gifter. I like to highlight all of those special moments in my friends’ and family’s lives – moving, new job, or even as a thank you. Maybe I do this because I am a romantic. It’s also the first time I’m acknowledging that. Have I been influenced by watching movies and TV growing up? It’s entirely possible. I was named after Molly Ringwald’s character from Sixteen Candles, after all. I like making my family, friends, and whomever I’m dating feel special. However, I’m not the best at expressing these things verbally which is how I’ve become known as “the gifter”, “the grand gesturer”, or sometimes “the female Ted Mosby”. All of those moments that people assume only happen in movies, I try to make occur in real life, and with good success.

New Video Let's Talk: Internet Hate

Things I learned and observed from making "negative" comments on the Zoella Beauty Range and the idea of "Internet Hate." What do you think?

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GUEST POST: Looks I'm Loving Lately by Llinos

Today's guest post is from Llinos of The Lilac Linnet. She's sharing some of her favorite looks and tips and tricks for the winter months.


Now that the colder months are here, and the dark nights are setting in earlier, I've been enjoying trying new styles for my hair, and wearing darker colours of makeup.  Think rich jewel tones and autumnal colours.
Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes Dark Palette

GUEST POST: Four Date Night Outfits by Neesha Rees

As I concentrate on repairing my body, I am having a slew of lovely ladies do some guest posts for me! Today we have Neesa from Reinventing Neesha to give you some budget friendly festive fashion ideas for date nights with your beau during the holiday season.


So the Festive Season is fast approaching and one thing I notice happens a lot before Christmas is everyone goes out for meals. Whether it's with your close girlfriends, colleagues from work or your family. But my favourite meal out is with my other half. So I've put together a few outfit ideas for date night out over the holidays.

Dress - £30 | Clutch Bag - £22 | Shoes - £24.99
Total Outfit Cost = £76.99

This outfit is definitely me! A little bit edgy but still figure hugging with a bit of sass. The glitter effect dresses are all in this season and this burgundy number from Topshop with gold glitter fleck is amazing. Nothing showing on the top but definitely showing lots of leg. I adore this clutch bag with gold stars from Asos very Rock Chick and finally I have teamed off the outfit with some simple Black heels from New Look. If it's a bit cold out and to finish off the look add a simple black leather jacket for total rock babe.

Seven Classic Style Holiday Dresses

Looking for something to channel your inner '50s glam girl this holiday season? Or how about something on the conservative side for your office party but with an added glam touch? Read on! (Although I mention Chi Chi London a lot here, I am in no way associated with them...I just really love them right now!)

GUEST POST: 6 Shopping Apps That Save a Ton by Shari Wargo Stamps

In order to keep my blog gaining momentum while I'm recovering, I'm doing a series of guest posts for the end of November and most of December (along with a few of my own mixed it). So I could take some time off from YouTube as well, this week's guest post will be in lieu of my new video Wednesday.

 I hope you enjoy these hand picked posts that I thought would appeal to my readers. First up is a great post by Shari Wargo Stamps of Savvy Every Day. I know that my audience is split 50/50 between American and UK readers, but this post is a bit more helpful to my American girls (and guys!). If you're from the UK and know of similar apps, don't hesitate to weigh in in the comments.

Are We Required to Issue Our Own Press Releases On Current Events?

In the wake of the horrible tragedy of Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri, many people have taken to Twitter and Facebook to voice their opinions. But is this, issuing your own press release of sorts, now culturally expected in certain circles? And if you do not issue your own "press release," are you thought of as ignorant or uncaring?

Is There Such a Thing as Ethical Affordable Fashion and Technology?

Photo credit: Telegraph/AFP

As bloggers and blog readers, we are ultimately drawn online in order to score ourselves the latest deals and investigate the newest fashion trends. As the demand for disposable fashion increases (a la Primark and H&M), are we perpetuating horrible conditions for people halfway around the world?

Interested in Guest Blogging?

I am looking for 3-4 guest blog posts for my blog. They can be holiday themed or not...it's up to you. My blog focuses on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and personal anecdotes and I would allow publication on any of these topics. I have been having health issues recently and would like to keep my blog going! My demographic is women ages 18-35, almost 50/50 between 18-24 and 25-35. Please keep that in mind when pitching me a topic. I am not super picky, though and I know you are doing me a huge favor so as long as it falls within that category, I will most likely accept it. 

According to Google analytics, I have 10,000 visitors per month with about 3800 uniques. There will be no pay (ugh, THE WORST), but I will clearly label you and your blog.
If you are interested, email me at annajamiescanlon@gmail.com with a pitch and link to your blog. You will own all content and you can feel free to repost on your own blog at a later date. You can read more about my stats here.

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How to Pack for a Long Trip (and Still Look Cute)

Recently, I went away on a one-month trip that had me moving around three countries, two overseas flights and eight hotels. Yes, eight hotels! Although I have traveled quite a bit before, this living-out-of-a-suitcase business was new to me and I’m here to share my trials, errors and triumphs so that your next non-stop travel experience will be a lot more seamless than mine.

Back in the Hospital

And the nightmare continues  and I'm back in the hospital. And there is very spotty Internet so I cannot respond to emails very well.

If you are trying to subscribe to my YouTube and cannot for some reason, you need to create a YouTube account and subscribe. That is the only way it can be done. 

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Eugene's Favorites

Ladies and gentlemen, today Eugene (my grumpy old man shih tzu with more personality than most people) is taking over my blog to tell you about some treats he received from the lovely folks at Pet Shop Bowl. 

You want me to write a blog post? Do I get paid for this?

And Now for My UK Ladies...

I promised a giveaway for the UK only and here it is...The Body Shop Advent calendar! I wanted to be able to give away the same prize, but unfortunately the Benefit Calendar is already sold out across the UK and the Body Shop calendar is unavailable in the US. Quite the must have items this season!

How do you enter? Read on!

A Treat For You--iPad Mini 3 Giveaway!

Welcome to the iPad mini 3 16GB Wi-Fi Giveaway!

We've joined forces with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway. One lucky person will win an iPad mini 3 16GB Wi-Fi, valued at $399.

New Video Wednesdays: Primark Christmas Haul

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My Experience with Healthcare from the US to Holland to Hungary to the UK

Have you ever wondered about the different healthcare systems around the world? Well...here are some of my experiences...

Unravelled is On Sale

Until November 14, Unravelled is on sale in both the US and the UK for Kindle. Grab it here (US) or here (UK).

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Are We Confusing Young Children with Feminist Principles or Helping Them Think Critically?

The Anna and Elsa sister duo from Frozen were the hot costume this year

As Halloween draws to a close and many children in America, and now many parts of the world, hang up their costumes, I have begun to ruminate over several issues pertaining to Halloween and femininity. 

New Video Wednesdays!

Sorry this one is a bit late! x

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Children of the Most High is On Sale!

My book, Children of the Most High, is currently on a Kindle Countdown deal, meaning it is super cheap and will gradually increase in price until Friday. Grab it while the price is still low! Go here (US) or here (UK) to get your copy.

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Invisible--The Film

Let me tell you guys about an amazing new film still in the works, Invisible, which tells the story of people with chronic invisible illnesses. If you think you don't know anyone with a chronic or invisible illness, simply check my "About Me" page and get to know me--someone who suffers from Lupus SLE.

An Open Letter to Those Who Have Sent Me Nasty Messages RE: Zoella Beauty

Recently, I posted a couple of reviews giving my honest opinion on the Zoella Beauty range. Now, I don't mind getting "hate," but the way I received it was particularly unsettling. So if you're one of the people who were personally offended by my not saying all of Zoe's products were 5 stars, please read on.

FLASH Giveaway! One Week Only!--Benefit Advent Calendar (US ONLY)

Want to win a limited edition Benefit Advent Calendar (US Only)? Then hurry! This contest ends on Friday November 7!

Winter Obsession: Coat Dress/Coats with Circle Skirts

I'm always looking for a great new coat, and I have always been totally obsessed with circular skirt coats. They remind me of a sleek 1940s or 1950s look and create a super feminine silhouette. Here are some of the coats on my wish list (and some of them are so expensive that it is definitely a wish!).

1. Ted Baker: US / UK
2. Orla Kiely: UK
3. Ted Baker:  UK
4. Alice + Olivia: US
5. Laundry by Shelli Segal: US & UK
6. Victoria's Secret: Item no longer available!
7. ASOS: US / UK
8. ASOS: US / UK

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A West End Double Feature

As you may or may not know, one of my degrees is in theatre and there is nothing I love more than a good afternoon or evening spent seeing a live performance. Last week, I was fortunate enough to score cheap tickets to two shows I have been wanting to see for ages, Memphis and Once. I know people who were/are connected to both of the shows on Broadway, so it was fabulous to finally get to see these amazing performances. Although, I couldn't have chosen two shows that are more different to one another for a two-a-day!

David Hunter and Jill Winternitz as Guy and Girl in Once on the West End
Beverly Knight as Felicia and Killian Donnelly as Huey in Memphis

Pre-Christmas/Hanukkah Treats...Whoops

Despite the fact that I absolutely should NOT be shopping, I took the liberty to purchase a few items on sale via Bluefly and Modcloth. These staple pieces are going to my parents' house, where I'll pick them up at Christmas time. I'll do a haul on video around then, highlighting all the American goodies I'll pick up. But as these are on sale now, you may want to take a look. Please be aware that original items may not ship to UK or may include a duty fee if purchased online.

5 Affordable and Clever Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and you may fear the horror of being caught without a costume. Don't worry, I've got you covered with five quick, simple and cheap costumes.

1. Orange is the New Black
Photo copyright: Netflix/Forbes.com

 Simply laminate your own ID card, throw on your fake tats and party like you're in Litchfield! (Glasses optional, unless you're going for the Alex look.)

Being a woman in the Big House not your style? Read on!

Books Giveaway!

I'm giving away both of my paperback books to one lucky winner and both of my eBooks to a second prize winner. You can find out how to enter by watching the video below!

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H&M Homeware and Mini ASOS/H&M Haul Video

And we're back to our regularly scheduled programming...sort of!

Want to Win Free eCopies of My Books?

 All you have to do is take this quick survey about your reading experience on my blog. Two winners will be chosen at random. Good luck!

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Mini H&M and ASOS Haul

Much to my boyfriend's chagrin, I had to go on a little shopping spree. Here is a preview of what I got:

An Honest Zoella Beauty Review Video

Told you there'd be a video this week!

In this video, I show you how the products from the Zoella Beauty line look and how they actually work. 

Another Canon EOS Rebel T3i Giveaway!

Welcome to the CANON EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera Giveaway!

We've joined forces with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway. One lucky person will win a Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit, valued at $599. This camera has been a huge game changer for me and my blogging and I considered it a huge investment. It will really up your game as well.

"Photographers looking for an easy-to-use camera that will help them create their next masterpiece need look no further than the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. The next in a long line of phenomenal compact DSLRs, the EOS Rebel T3i continues the Rebel tradition of easy operation, compact design and no-compromise performance."

"Featuring Canon's newest DIGIC 4 Image Processor and an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor - plus cutting-edge technologies like Full HD video recording, Live View shooting, Wireless flash photography and even a Vari-angle 3.0-inch LCD monitor - the EOS Rebel T3i offers the best of EOS photography in a compact package." [Full Product Details from Canon]

Enter to win a CANON EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera.

Real People Cooking: Pumpkin Whoopie Pies Inspired By """"Jen""""" from Bath and Body Works

My life isn't one giant Pinterest post, regrettably. As such, I've decided to name all of my cooking and recipe posts "Real People Cooking" so that you don't accidentally expect the things I cook to turn out perfectly. They do, however, taste amazing. Oh yeah, and since they are pumpkin autumn treats, they are really only for basic b*tches.
Ah yes--there will also be a new video this week, but not today (expect it later on!).

Be Your Own Advocate: How a Simple Diagnosis Took Six Weeks to Treat

As many of you know, I recently had an operation and it was a complete nightmare. Many people in the US seem to idolize foreign healthcare because it is state run, and while I emphatically believe quality healthcare is a human right, what I received was by no means quality healthcare. I've never been hospitalized in an NHS (National Health Services, for the non-UK folk) hospital before, so I'm not sure if this type of treatment is par for the course. But I will tell you my story--and hopefully you'll understand why a couple of my projects are on a temporarily hold.

(This does contain some TMI, so if you are easily offended by that kind of thing, you may as well click off. But, as most of my readers are women ages 25-45, this is something you may have to deal with at some point in your life anyway, if you haven't already....). Also, this is going to be long...

Zoella Beauty Review

The Zoella Beauty range has been highly anticipated amongst the teen and preteen set, so right off the bat I am not really in the range's target demographic. However, having followed the famous blogger for a couple of years now, I was curious as to what her range actually consisted of. All reviews thus far (or most) have come from well-established bloggers who were invited to her launch and therefore are unanimously positive. I was interested in trying the products myself and seeing what they were actually made of.

Update on My Health and Some Oldie But Goodie Songs

Hi everyone...I've got a few life updates for you.

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